Why people are opting for Nitrogen Tire Inflation

Nitrogen, a colorless, non-toxic, and odorless gas, is the current craze in the tire manufacturing industry.
People today are mostly opting for nitrogen inflation in their tires than the common compressed air.
Here are some of Nitrogen tire inflation’s advantages that might just be the reasons why people are
choosing it:

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 Nitrogen-filled tires have longer life spans as they do not lose pressure as quickly as tires inflated
with compressed air. Nitrogen tends to keep the pressure constant.
 Oxygen is usually the reason for rust. Rust brittles the rubber, making it more at risk for blow
outs. Nitrogen lessens the possibility of rust, thus lessening the possibility of blow outs.
 Since nitrogen lengthens tire life, you don’t need to change your tire as often as you do with
compress air-filled tires. This lessens tires discarded, reducing landfill waste.
 Unlike air, nitrogen lessens the possibility of corrosion as there is no moisture in pure nitrogen.
 Since the rate of pressure loss is slower with nitrogen-filled tires, driving quality is improved
creating a smoother and safer ride every time.

The best advantage a nitrogen-filled tire has is that it lasts longer than the standard ones which are filled
with air. However, nitrogen inflation is still not easily available. You still have to go to wheel and tire
specialists that handles all sorts of wheels. Nitrogen may seem new to us common car users but racers
have been filling their race car wheels with nitrogen for years now. Goes to show how quality of car can
really change with nitrogen.