Where to check for rust

Carmakers and manufacturers may offer buyers rust guarantee on their cars, the weather and the way
cars are stored may still take a toll on your vehicles. If rusts easily bother you, here are the places you
need to check in your care for these are where rust usually start to build up:

 Wheel arches and wings. Car experts may coat this area more with paint as this is the part
where debris and water splashes usually are collected. This is the area most prone to rust,
especially during rainy season when you can’t keep your vehicles dry.
 Around the window sills. It is apparent that window sills on cars usually have seals that keep
water off the metal parts but overtime, these seals may perish. To ensure that no rust would
start building gup, always check the condition of your seals.
 Under the hood. This part of the car may be less likely to be exposed to factors that could cause
rust but moisture from the weather can still seep in through the hood. It is best to check this
part or the rust build up might escalate.
 Wheel rims. Like the wheel arches, wheel rims are more likely to be a target of road debris and
water sprays from the road. This is the easiest part to spot rust from though so it wouldn’t be
that hard to check it regularly.
 Chips, dents, and surface repairs. Dents and chips can expose the metal part of the car more
and this will cause the material to rust faster that it does with paint on. Make sure to cover chips
up immediately to prevent dent rusts.

Rust is inevitable especially when you drive your car under different weather and exposing them to rain
and sunlight too much. Also, living in coastal areas makes your car more prone to rust. Better call up an
expert to give you advice on what you should do in case rust starts to buildup on certain parts of your