The WILDPEAK H/T offers a combination of superb dry handling and responsive wet braking on all roadway surfaces. With its non-directional tread pattern Falken has optimized traction and control, through the combination of high tension casing plies and stiff wide steel belts. The WildPeak H/T provides stability and comfort for pick-up trucks and SUVs alike whatever the season. With excellent value from its high mileage tread, and optimal ride comfort the WildPeak H/T leaves the competition in the dust. It’s also suited to mild off-road conditions including country dirt roads and beach driving.

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RIM size Tyre size Load rating Speed rating
18 265/60R18 110 H Go to dealer
18 235/60R18 107 H Go to dealer
17 265/65R17 112 S Go to dealer
17 245/70R17 110 S Go to dealer
17 245/65R17 107 S Go to dealer
17 235/65R17 104 T Go to dealer
17 225/65R17 102 H Go to dealer
17 235/60R17 102 H Go to dealer
16 225/75R16 115 S Go to dealer
16 265/70R16 112 S Go to dealer
16 245/70R16 111 T Go to dealer
16 255/70R16 111 S Go to dealer
16 235/70R16 106 S Go to dealer
16 225/70R16 103 T Go to dealer
16 215/70R16 100 S Go to dealer
15 235/75R15 109 S Go to dealer
15 225/75R15 102 S Go to dealer

Multi-Wave Lateral Sipes

Improve wet traction and increase all-season performance.

Variable Pitch Shoulder Design

Provides flat, even wear and reduces tyre noise.

New Stylish Sidewall Design

Offers a cutting edge look, adding to the premium appearance.

Four Large Circumferential Straight Grooves

Enhance wet grip and reduce hydroplaning.

Symmetric Non-directional 5 Rib Tread Design

Provides optimal handling stability and comfort, while allowing multiple rotation patterns to help fight irregular wear.

Steel Belts

Offer greater tread rigidity, off road puncture resistance and high speed stability.

Joint-less Nylon Cap Ply

Increases durability at high speeds and promotes long lasting even wear.