Sport performance summer tyre designed for luxury SUV’s such the BMW X5, Audi Q Series and Porsche Cayenne

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RIM size Tyre size Load rating Speed rating
20 265/50R20 112 W Go to dealer
20 275/45R20 110 W Go to dealer
20 245/50R20 102 W Go to dealer
19 235/55R19 101 V Go to dealer
19 235/45R19 99 W Go to dealer
19 235/50R19 99 W Go to dealer

Asymmetric pattern design provides optimal handling and response as well as a comfortable ride.

Improved grip and stability with low noise levels at high speeds.

Tread grooves designed to ensure faster water dispersal, for shorter braking distances and outstanding wet road grip.

Reinforced shoulder design provides excellent grip when cornering.

Tread profile designed to create an even contact area, for longer tyre life.