When quietness and refinement are paramount, the MICHELIN Primacy LC comes into its own for luxurious performance driving. A key feature of this tyre is its low rolling resistance with the MICHELIN Green X marking guaranteeing you of reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions.

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RIM size Tyre size Load rating Speed rating
18 225/50R18 95 W Go to dealer
17 215/55R17 94 V Go to dealer
17 215/50R17 91 W Go to dealer
16 215/60R16 95 V Go to dealer
16 205/60R16 92 V Go to dealer

Less driving noise

Reduced dB levels for both road and tread pattern noises compared to the previous generation1

Saves Fuel

Rolling resistance is 13%1 lower than the previous generation, which means lower fuel consumption so you save money. Green X marking guarantees reduced fuel consumption, thus reduced CO2 emissions.

While offering all the advantages of MICHELIN tyres in terms of longevity and safety