A breakthrough in mileage. Mileage improvement of 30% thanks to a complete change of the profile geometry and an all new compound

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RIM size Tyre size Load rating Speed rating
16 215/75R16 116 R Go to dealer
16 235/65R16 115 R Go to dealer
16 225/65R16 112 R Go to dealer
16 215/65R16 109 T Go to dealer
16 215/60R16 103 T Go to dealer
15 225/70R15 112 S Go to dealer
15 215/70R15 109 S Go to dealer
15 205/70R15 106 R Go to dealer

Up to a 10% improvement in wet braking, wet handling and aquaplaning resistance thanks to an all new tread pattern, compound and profile geometry. Lower rolling resistance and improved comfort.