Tools for Basic Car Maintenance

When it comes to car mishaps, yes, it is always best to run to experts to fix the problem. However, there
are certain car problems that you yourself can fix. Owning a car isn’t only about driving your car but also
being able to maintain it yourself. Not all the time a car expert is available whenever your car breaks
down. That is why you must acquire a toolbox containing all these tools that are essential in basic car

 Screwdrivers. Certain parts of your car need to be accessed such as light covers, dashboards,
think panels, etc. in order to be fixed. How else would you open such parts but with
screwdrivers? Not only would acquiring screwdrivers be handy for your car but also around the
 Socket Set. A full set of sockets is needed for you to twist and turn nuts and bolts that exist on
your cars. A full set ensures that you can tighten and loosen nuts of different sizes.
 Spanners. To keep your nuts and bolts from turning and for applying torque to turn objects, you
need spanner wrenches. Make sure you have the good, strong set of spanners.
 Pliers. For wirings and certain pipes, pliers are the best tools to use. Make sure you have
different types of pliers such as long nose pliers, locking pliers, or even pliers that are used to
twist and cut.
 Footpump. Long drives can sometimes wear out a tire and can cause it to lose pressure. Always
have a foot pump with you to ensure your tire is well-inflated.

These are the most essential tools to have but remember, cheap and low-quality tools may lead to more
burden than help. It may cost more to buy branded tools but it’s better than buying low quality versions
twice. Make sure to have a sturdy tool box to store your tools in, too.
Taking matters into your hands is more practical than always paying a mechanic to fix even the simplest
problem your car is having. However, when things get more serious, never hesitate to call for an expert
who would know more about the problem than you do.