Tire Lifespan: Factors that reduce a tire’s life

A tire’s lifespan differs depending on the recommendations of car manufacturers and tiremakers. Their
opinion might depend upon the material used or how each tire is made. No one really knows when a tire
is already in need of replacement. Some carmakers, such as Ford, Nissan, and Mercedes-Benz,
recommends their tires to be replaced six years post production date. On the other hand, tire
manufacturers like Michelin say that a tire can possibly last up to 10 years, considering annual
inspections and maintenance.

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There may be recommendation by manufacturers, but certain factors can also be a reason for a tire’s
lifespan to drastically reduced. Here are some of these factors:

 Heat. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), tires age faster
in places with warmer climate. Too much exposure to sunlight and coastal climates can also
affect the aging of the tires. Car owners living in tropical areas should take into consideration
getting their tires regularly inspected for replacement or for maintenance.
 Storage. Just because tires are stored and not used, doesn’t mean they stop aging. A tire’s aging
starts the moment it is produced. Stored tires age slower than those used, but they still age,
 Spares. Many of us encounter vehicles with spare wheels mounted in their vehicle, of course to
make sure they have a spare just in case their tires break along their ride. But unlike those tires
stored properly in garages or in storage rooms, spare mounted tires are more exposed to heat,
dirt, and the weather, hence, making them age almost as fast as those wheels that are being
 Underinflation. A tire must not be properly inflated to ensure that it doesn’t wear out more
 Condition of Use. Do you live in area with streets that have a lot of bumps and rocky roads? Has
it ever been punctured? Do you drive your car in different terrains, not considering much about
how much of that your tires could take? Tires on a car driven more frequently wears out faster
that those on cars that are only driven on selected number of days.

Proper maintenance must be done to ensure a tire’s long life. A lot of factors can wear out a tire and
hasten its aging that is why one must never forget to get their tires check regularly. Maintaining proper
air pressure in tires and keeping them rotated will help in lengthening the tire’s life span. It would
require extra time and effort from your daily routine but it’s better than being interrupted along your
ride by a tire mishap.