Safety Tips for DIY Car Maintenance

Okay, we know you really want to take things in your own hands, but we hope you are taking extra
caution in the things you’re doing with your car. Yes, some of it you might’ve seen simply from YouTube
videos or are even taught by a friend, but we hope you’re applying safety measures. Handling your car is
no joke as some things may explode or simply catch fire along the process. Certain circumstances may
also require lifting the car and you sliding under it; don’t you think that’s freaking dangerous? So,
because we care, here are 10 safety tips you can use whenever you’re DIYing car maintenance:

1. Make sure your car is stationary. Secure it by having bricks or big rocks behind the wheels or a
wedge to stop the car from moving. We don’t want the car suddenly rolling over you while
you’re under it.
2. Wear comfortable clothes. It is most advisable to wear clothes that won’t put you in danger.
Remember to strip off jewelry or whatever accessory you have on you so it won’t get tangled up
on anything causing injuries.
3. Make sure to work on your car in a well-ventilated area. The dangers of suffocating on
dangerous fumes and carbon monoxide can be prevented by having windows open in your
garage while you work, or better yet, work outdoors.
4. Be careful of spilling fuels. If inevitable, always make sure to keep an eye for it. Make sure to
have a sand bucket or a watering can that could come in handy when situations arise. Clean a
fuel leak as soon as possible to prevent bigger problems.
5. Do not light naked flame while working on your car. As said above, fuel spillage can sometimes
be inevitable. We don’t want a fuel leakage to result in a huge fire. Even sparks from faulty
wirings should be watched out for.
6. Make sure to keep a fire extinguisher in your garage or near your workspace.
7. Before working and accessing certain parts of your car, make sure that the whole car has
completely cooled down to avoid scorching yourself.
8. Apply safety measures when working on the electrics of your car by disconnecting from the
battery first. Use tools that don’t conduct electricity to avoid electric shock or burning yourself.
9. If working with another person, make sure to always communicate to avoid accidents like
moving the vehicle or closing or opening something. Take turns in making repair if possible.
10. Sometimes, a call for car maintenance while you’re on the road. Make sure to do the work
somewhere safe like a lay-by or off the road drives.

It is truly a need to keep your cars well-maintained and doing it by yourself would really take so much
safety measure. Don’t keep this article to yourself. Share it to your friends who also loves maintaining
their cars on their own. Keep your cars maintained but make sure to keep yourself safe, too.