Reasons of sudden car break down

Don’t you just hate car break downs interrupting your road trip with your friends? Or when your car
suddenly stops while in the middle of a car ride to your family’s annual vacation getaway? It’s hard to
get mad when you know it’s somehow your fault for not checking your car’s condition before leaving for
your long ride. So here’s a list of reason why your car breaks down that should help you prevent them
from happening:

  • Flat/Dead Car Batteries. Battery failure is the most common cause of car break downs. Simple
    reasons this happens are leaving your car lights or radio on. It can also simply be because of the
    battery’s old age making it hard to hold its charge. Make sure to get your batteries check before
    deciding to head out on one long ass drive.
  • Overheating Engine. If the coolant isn’t circulating properly around the engine, the result would
    be an overheating engine. Sometimes, it’s the cooling fan or the water pump that causes the
    overheating. For signs of overheating while in the middle of the road, make sure to stop
    immediately before further damages arise.
  • Tire Failure. The tires, being one of the vulnerable parts of a car, usually cause car break downs
    because of drivers neglecting the pressure of their tire. Sometimes, punctures from nails or
    other debris can also cause the tire to fail. Hitting pot holes or curbs can also damage the tire
    that could really lead to car break down, if not immediately.
  • Electrical Faults. Modern cars today rely on electrical components in monitoring and driving
    their car. However, this would heighten the risk of electrical failure causing break downs. When
    it comes to electrical failures, it is hard to self-diagnose as this requires more of the car experts’
    knowledge. Better call your mechanic than taking things into your own hand.
  • Transmission Failure. The transmission can cause breakdown when it isn’t maintained properly;
    not keeping it lubricated and smoothly working can stress and wear down the transmission

These things can surely be prevented if you only be aware of your car’s condition. Just because it seems
fine on the outside doesn’t automatically give you the assurance that it is working fine on the inside.
Don’t compromise your road trip with friends and family, check your cars always. Or have them regularly
checked by your local mechanic!