Common Car Suspension Problem

The car suspension is responsible for giving you a smooth car ride. It is a part of a car which maximizes
the friction between the tires and the road’s surface, providing steering stability for your car ride
comfort. However, no matter how modern and innovated the design of a car suspension is, with how it
is used, problems are still likely to occur. From the daily pounding from street potholes, bumps, rain, and
taking in too much debris from the road, your car suspension can wear out and break. Being the part
that is most abuse for driving every day, how do you tell when a problem is already affecting your car
suspension? Here are signs your suspension might be in need of fixing:

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 Poor wheel alignment. A misaligned tire might cause it to wear out more easily. Potholes and
huge bumps usually cause the wheels to knock out from alignment. If your wheels aren’t aligned
for toe-in, camber and caster, your steering would have a hard time staying center and your tire
wear will increase drastically.
 Shock absorbers. When your car suddenly bounces more after a bump or a pothole, there might
be a problem with your shock absorber. The shocks has fluids that dampens the bouncing so
when it starts to leak, the car suspension performance will start to weaken.
 Struts. A knocking sound after going through bumps on roads indicates a problem with the car’s
struts. This might risk the safety of your car so better get it checked by the mechanic right away.
 Springs. Springs are responsible for holding your car’s weight. If your car has one corner lower
than the other, this might indicate a damaged spring. Clunking noises over bumps can also be a
damaged spring sign.
 Ball Joints. The ball joints absorb shock from the up and down movement of the car. An
indication that the ball joint is need of replacing is a squeaking and creaking sound, especially
hearing it while turning.
 Control arms. This is responsible for holding your wheels to the frame and connecting the, to
the steering. Clunks and rattles, and loose and inaccurate steering is a sign of worn out control

If you know your way around cars, even to the smallest part, you better be sure you know how to fix
problems for your car suspension. If not, better take them to a car doctor asap. Make sure you fix these
problems immediately to ensure you a comfortable and safe car ride.